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Author on climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro, copyright M. Forster

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Children of the Prairie

The picture book Children of the Prairie was published by Baico Publishing of Gatineau, Quebec in December 2004.

Based on a true story, Children of the Prairie is a heart-warming tale about family and the simple pleasures of growing up on the Alberta prairie. A touching recollection of childhood and the hardships of pioneer life from the perspective of a young girl.

When Joyce moves from the city to a prairie farm, she and her brothers and sister have a string of adventures. Will the children like living in the country? Will they be able to have a horse? What will it be like walking miles across the prairie fields to get to school every day? And will Dale ever stop getting into trouble?

Picture book for children
Ages 5-9
Written by Joyce Dufresne and Merna Forster
Illustrated by Jeremy Salzman
ISBN: 1894494-93-8
Paper, 50 pages
Available from:
Baico Publishing
71 Des Camélias
Gatineau, Quebec J9J 2G1
E-mail: raymondcoderre@videotron.ca

The Authors

Joyce Dufresne is a native of Alberta who now resides in Victoria, B.C. She's an active volunteer and grandmother. Merna Forster is an author and historian who is currently based in Ottawa. Her non-fiction book 100 Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten Faces was released by The Dundurn Group of Toronto in 2004. More

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