A Guide to Women in Canadian History

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Susanna Moodie, NL 15557

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Here's what some of our visitors have been saying about heroines.ca. Thanks for the positive feedback! And if you have any comments about the site please send along by email All suggestions are welcome.

Please let us know what features you find most useful or interesting. What else would you like to see on the site? We'd love to get your ideas so we can improve heroines.ca. Is there something missing that would be helpful to you? Or perhaps you would like to contribute some news or other information?

"...what a wonderful site."

Professor Margaret Conrad
Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies, University of New Brunswick
President, Canadian Historical Association

"Thank you for directing my attention to your fascinating and impressive website."

Robert Chr. Thomsen, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Secretary, Nordic Association for Canadian Studies

"I will share this site with my daughters. Many thanks."

Jennifer Plank

"This looks like a fabulous resource, and I can easily see suggesting it to my first year Canadian history students this fall. Thanks for your work in this area."

Dr. Susan Neylan, Dept. of History
Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Ontario)

"You have a lovely site ... It's great to see Canada's heroines being celebrated in this way."

Gaylene Buckle
Theatre Newfoundland Labrador

"It was really a thrill to come upon your site, and I wanted to send a note to say thank you."

Professor Wendy Robbins
University of New Brunswick (Fredericton)
Co-founder of Women's Studies at UNB

"This looks great!! What an undertaking. You've made women's history come alive on the web."

Dianne Dodd, Historian
National Historic Sites Directorate, Parks Canada

"Thank you for such a great web site."

Shirley M. Scarrow
London, Ontario

"It is an excellent site both in terms of content and navigation, and I congratulate you on what I assume is a solo effort."

Stephen Alsford
Canadian Museum of Civilization

"Compliments on your very informative web site."

Lynda Barnett, Library Coordinator
CBC Design Library & Still Photo Collection
Canadian Broadcasting Centre

award "Congratulations on your wonderful site. Well done! I am pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award"

Marjan Glavac
Editor,The Busy Educator's Newsletter
Teacher, Wilfrid Jury Public School (London, Ontario)
August 2004

"I am delighted to find your website. I am a grade 5/6 teacher planning a unit on Canadian Heroes. Your website will serve as a valuable tool to me and my students. Thank you."

Cheryl Ganong
Calgary, Alberta

"What a wonderful site and a great resource."

Corine Eberle
Second Story Press
Toronto, Ontario

"I am a new Brownie leader just starting this year as my daughter is a 2nd year Brownie. Have just received a note regarding your web site and book as a great resource for sharing with our girls. What a wonderful undertaking - thank you for sharing such an important part of history with all of us (boys, girls, mens and women). In particular though for our young girls so that they can see real role models, other than the women directly in their lives, achieving such amazing things."

Mom in Stittsville

award "Congratulations, we are pleased to offer you the EduNET Choice Award which is bestowed upon sites that "provide and maintain valuable educational content"... In addition, you have been chosen "Site of the Week" and will be featured on EduNET's opening page!"

Wendy McClung
Toronto, Ontario

"I stumbled across your site and just had to send my congratulations! It is beauifully done, contains a wealth of information and is very much needed!"

Kathryn Gallagher Morton
President, Avonlea Traditions Inc.
Newmarket, Ontario

"This is a great site to learn more about women in our history, it's about time."

Lise Piché
Aylmer, Québec

"This is the most wonderful website - well done, a great resource. Thank you, a million times thank you."

Siobhan Laskey
New Brunswick

"A Guide to Women in Canadian History builds on our proud feminine history as it pulls amazing women from the past to the forefront, presenting famous and not-so-famous Canadian heroines."

TEACH Magazine
Toronto, Ontario

"I love this site!"

Silvia Demmy
Calgary, Alberta

"What a lovely site, celebrating Canadian women. Thank you."

Carolyna Loveless
Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist
Vancouver, British Columbia

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