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Contests in 2006

January 2006:

soccer bookThe winner of our January 2006 contest was Dianne Arsenault of Moncton, New Brunswick. Dianne won a copy of the book Goals and Dreams: A Celebration of Canadian Womens's Soccer. Congratulations Dianne!

Written by Shel Brodsgard and Bob Mackin, this book is advertised as the first one on Canadian women in the field of soccer. It includes a short history of women's soccer in Canada, the story of the Canadian Women's soccer team and interviews with soccer stars such as Charmaine Hooper and Christine Sinclair. The publication profiles many talented female Canadian soccer players and provides information about training for a career in soccer.

Non-fiction book
Written by Shel Brodsgaard & Bob Mackin
ISBN: 0-88971-205-0
Nightwood Editions, 2005
$14.95 (paperback), 120 pages

February 2006:

Mrs. MikeThe winner of our February 2006 contest was Lynn Mullen of Whitehorse, Yukon. Lynn won a copy of the book Mrs. Mike. Congratulations to Lynn!

Mrs. Mike is based on a true story of romance in the Canadian wilderness. A good read for Valentine's Day. Written by Benedict and Nancy Freedman, this book is a classic tale of the challenges of making a life in the Canadian North. The book tells the story of Boston-born Katherine Mary O'Fallon, who moves to Calgary as a teenager. She marries RCMP Sergeant Mike Flanagan and begins a life of many great adventures.

Written by Benedict and Nancy Freedman
ISBN: 0-425183228
Berkley Pub Group, 2002
Paperback, 313 pages

March 2006:

Red CrossMarch is Red Cross Month. The winner of our monthly contest was Megan Skinner of Hunter River, Prince Edward Island, who won a copy of the book Women Overseas: Memoirs of the Canadian Red Cross Corps, This publication tells the remarkable stories of 30 women who served overseas as volunteers during World War II and the Korean War.

Edited by Francis Martin Day, this book includes the adventures of Canadian women who worked as ambulance drivers, cooks, welfare officers, transport drivers, nursing aids, etc. Discover how these courageous women, and thousands of others like them, contributed to the war effort.

Edited by Francis Martin Day
ISBN: 0-921870612
Ronsdale Press, 1998
Paperback, 382 pages

April 2006 Contest:

The winner of our Monthly Contest for April 2006 was Shannon Lorrie of Burnaby, British Columbia. Congratulations Shannon! Shannon won a copy of the book Klee Wyck by Emily Carr.

Klee wyckParticipants in the April contest were invited to identify their favourite female Canadian artist. Shannon wrote:

"I was going to say that Emily Carr is my favourite artist but when I really gave it thought, I realized that my all time favourite female Canadian artist is my 77 year old mother. I admire her spirit, sense of humour, intelligence and most of all, her heart; which radiates within each and every painting, sketch and craft she creates. From her birth in 1929 to her 'retirement', she has always had the courage and vision to create what she felt deep inside. She survived a dirt-poor childhood, helped raise her 4 younger sisters when her father died, managed to survive 2 marriages to hard, old-fashioned men and finally blossomed into her own once she became a widow about 20 years ago. She's my mother, my friend and an amazing self-taught artist."

Featuring a foreword by Ira Dilworth, this small volume provides a delightful window into the world of Emily Carr. Named "Klee Wyck" (laughing one) by Native people , Carr wrote about her exploration of their villages along the western coast of Canada. The book was first published in 1941.

Written by Emily Carr
ISBN: 0772516154
Fitzhenry and Whiteshide, 2003
Paperback, 111 pages

May 2006 Contest:

Lori-Ann MuenzerThe winner of our May 2006 contest was Debbie Jewczyk of Thornhill, Ontario. Debbie won a copy of the book One Gear, No Breaks: Lori-Ann Muenzer's Ride to Belief, Belonging, and a Gold Medal by athlete Lori-Ann Muezner and author Karl Wilberg. Discover the story of a gutsy Canadian cyclist, who won an Olympic gold medal at the age of 38.

Written by Lori-Ann Muenzer and Karl Wilber
ISBN: 1-55263-757-3
Key Porter Books, 2006
Paperback, 256 pages

June 2006 Contest:

The winner of our Monthly Contest for June 2006 was Tina Winters of Dubuisson, Quebec. Tina won a copy of the book Wild West Women: Travellers, Adventurers and Rebels.

Wild West Women Written by Rosemary Neering
ISBN: 1-552850137
Whitecap Books, 2000
Paperback, 224 pages

This book includes profiles of a wide variety of fascinating characters.

July 2006 Contest:

The winner of our Monthly Contest for July 2006 was Adrienne Cheng of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Adrienne won a copy of the book The Bear's Embrace.

The book The Bear's Embrace was written by Canadian nurse and author Patricia Van Tighem. Patricia was twenty-four when she and her husband were attacked by a bear while hiking in Waterton National Park, in the Canadian Rockies. Both survived the incident, by Patricia was severely mauled and left with major facial disfigurements and chronic pain. This amazing book chronicles her courageous struggle to resume her life. She established the Calgary branch of an organization called About Face, but never fully recovered from her ordeal. Patricia Van Tighem took her own life on December 14, 2005.

The Bear's Embrace Written by Patricia Van Tighem
ISBN: 1-55054875
HCP, 2006 (reprint)

“A literary marvel that describes the author’s experiences with clarity and immediacy, reflects on them with calmness and candor, and draws the reader into a world that, in less skillful hands, might easily repel or terrify.” —The Globe and Mail

“This story of love and survival is unlike any other illness narrative. In vivid, finely crafted prose, Patricia Van Tighem disturbs, comforts, and always enlightens us about suffering. I read The Bear’s Embrace with great admiration.” —Arthur W. Frank, author of The Wounded Storyteller

August 2006 Contest:

No place like homeThe winner of our August 2006 contest was Maureen Johnson of Riverton, Manitoba. She won a copy of the book No place like home: Diaries and letters of Nova Scotia women, 1771-1938 by Canadian historian Margaret Conrad. Congratulations Maureen!

Discovery the stories of some amazing women in the history of Nova Scotia: from factory workers to missionaries, farmers, missionaries and teachers. A great resource.

Edited by Margaret Conrad, Toni Laidlaw and Donna Smyth
ISBN: 0887800661
Formac, 1988

September 2006 Contest

Off the beaten trackThe winner of our September 2006 contest was Loretta Stabler from Alberta. She won a copy of the book Off The Beaten Track: Women Adventurers and Mountaineers in Western Canada by Canadian author Cyndi Smith. This book tells the stories of fourteen colourful characters who climbed mountains, worked as trail guides, explored and wrote about their adventures in the mountains of Western Canada.

Maureen told us that this book will be useful as she teaches Grade 5 in Alberta. "Our Social Studies curriculum includes topics all across Canada, focusing on people and how they and the landscape interact, and how the resources define how they meet their basic needs. As I have a majority of girls in my class, another resource that they could use to find a story that they could personally identify with would be great."

Written by Cyndi Smith
ISBN: 0969245726
Coyote Books, 1989

October 2006 Contest

heroines bookThe winner of our October 2006 contest was Kristine Hibbs of Goulds, Newfoundland. She won a copy of the book 100 Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten Faces by Canadian author and historian Merna Forster.

100 Canadian Heroines tells the stories of some remarkable women, from the adventurous Gudridur the Viking to murdered Mi'kmaq activist Anna Mae Aquash. You'll meet heroines in science, sport, preaching and teaching, politics, war and peace, arts and entertainment, etc. The book is full of amazing facts and fascinating trivia about intriguing figures like mountaineer Phyllis Munday, activist Hide Shimizu, Arctic guide Tookoolito, unionist Lia Roback, sexy movie mogul Mary Pickford and singer Portia White.

Great quotes and more than a hundred photos.

  • "Heroines is fresh and informative even to the seasoned feminist reader... a storytelling book about great characters"
    Penni Mitchell, HERIZONS, Spring 2006

  • "This is a terrific book..."
    P.P. Philbin, CHOICE

  • "If you don't know who any of the following are—Isobel Gunn, Anna Leonowens (hint: Think Siam), Asayo Murakami, Mary Travers (not of Peter, Paul and Mary), Gudridur Thorbjardottir—then this is the book for you, or your daughter, or your son, for that matter."
    The Globe and Mail

ISBN: 1-5502-514-7
$24.99 (paper), 288 pages
Available in bookstores everywhere

November 2006 Contest

May bookThe winner of our November 2006 contest was Evelyn Brydon of Victoria, British Columbia. She won a copy of the book How to Save the World in Your Spare Time, edited by Canadian activist Elizabeth E. May.

A notable Canada with impressive talents, Elizabeth May recently became the leader of the Greeen Party in Canada. She is a lawyer, writer and environmentalist. From 1989-2006 she served as Director of the Sierra Club of Canada.

This entertaining and informative book is a very useful resource. It also provides some fascinating glimpses of Elizabeth May, an amazing Canadian who has had many adventures through her efforts to make the world a better place.

Purchase from amazon.ca

December 2006 Contest

Herstory calendar The winner of our December 2006 contest was Lori Novak of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She won a copy of Herstory 2007: The Canadian Women's Calendar, produced by the Saskatoon Women's Calendar Collective.

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